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Graduation Prep - Preparing for Graduation and making lasting memories

Graduation Prep Preparing for graduation and making lasting memories
Graduation Prep
You've worked hard the last four years and it's all getting wrapped up soon. It's time to start thinking about making some lasting memories with not only your college friends but your greek life and sorority sisters too.

Okay is anyone else stressed or is it just me? My name is Sami and I am a senior early grades and special education dual major at West Chester University. I am currently in my second student teaching placement and I feel like I am constantly doing 900000+ things at once. I wish you could see my planner because it looks like a rainbow that has exploded. Here are some helpful ideas to remember this time before it's all over.

For graduation day:
After you've secured your cap and gown, think about the ways you can accessorize for the big day. Some people may choose to decorate their caps or pick out the perfect heels to walk across the stage. Make sure not to forget your stole which can be the perfect accessory for graduation photos. South By Sea makes cute custom ones that can match your university's colors and can even include your sorority letters or crest! 

Graduation Stole Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority FraternityGraduation Stole Sigma Kappa Sorority FraternityGraduation Stole Theta Phi Alpha Sorority Fraternity

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How am I getting ready to graduate? I am trying to live in the moment. I get my work done Monday - Friday and find fun activities to do with my friends on the weekends! They say college is the best four years of your life and odds are good, like me, you feel like COVID cheated you out of some of the fun. For the past almost year I have said I will not make up for lost time but rather take advantage of the time I have now. SO here is the fun stuff we have lined up:
  • Senior photoshoot
  • Senior bar crawl
  • LIVING OUR BEST LIVES at our last formal
  • Senior sendoff
  • Local day trips
I mean are we leaving our favorite place? Yes. But are we also making the most of our time, DUH!!!


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Senior, West Chester University



Need Senior Bar Crawl custom shirts? You can create them through Here are a few examples:

 Senior Bar Crawl Bar Tour Custom Sorority DesignSenior Bar Crawl Bar Tour Custom Sorority DesignSenior Bar Crawl Bar Tour Custom Sorority Design

Senior Bar Crawl Bar Tour Custom Sorority Design Senior Bar Crawl Bar Tour Custom Sorority Design

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Find inspo for your Graduation events. Get sorority graduation and alumni tee shirt ideas, theme inspo, tshirt designs, accessories and apparel for any Graduation event you have!

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